Why Do We Need Films?

Movies are the perfect way to spend a night with friends or loved ones. Not only are movies inexpensive, they also provide the perfect opportunity to meet new people. Many people use film cameras, but this method of capturing photos takes up much more space than digital cameras do. Film also has to be developed before you can view it, which can cause unintended poor photo captures. Despite these drawbacks, many people still enjoy movies, so here are some reasons why we need films.

Films are a powerful force within human culture. In 2009, cinema attendance in major territories reached 6.8 billion and worldwide box office receipts were $30 billion. Film consumption has expanded to other media. In 2009, combined DVD and Blu-Ray sales in major territories totaled $32.5 billion and more than 1.1 billion units sold. Films are the most widely distributed form of entertainment, and there is a strong market for them.

One reason for this is that films are a universal artistic form. They can take sides on social issues and corporate interests. Movies allow audiences to escape reality and become engrossed in a story. They are a powerful way to express ideas and create conversations. Films are a vital form of communication, but they must be selected carefully. To make them worthwhile, they should be appropriate for the audience they’re intended for.

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