What Kind of Claims Do Personal Injury Lawyers in Boston Handle?

A personal injury lawyer handles a wide variety of legal matters, including car accidents, wrongful death lawsuits, and more. To find the right personal injury lawyer for your injury claim, make a list of potential lawyers through referrals and online searches and understand the type of cases they have handled. You can see the website of your potential lawyer to go through their work history and reviews and testimonials.

See below to understand the common kinds of claims handled by personal injury lawyers in Boston.

  • Motor vehicle accidents

You could be entitled to compensation in case some other driver caused an accident that injured you and your loved one. The damage you might have suffered might include medical bills, car repairs, loss of time from work, pain and anguish, and more. A personal injury lawyer in Boston will help you receive the compensation you deserve.

  • Commercial truck accidents

In case you are injured in an accident with a commercial truck, you could be entitled to compensation for medical bills and other losses. Unlike other motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents are very complex in nature and require you to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer koiusa.

  • Premises liability claims

Sometimes, property owners fail to make their property safe for visitors. If this happens, you can suffer injuries due to dangerous premises or unsafe structures. In case you are injured on someone else’s premises, you can file a premises liability claim against that party. 

For example, if you slipped and fell at the supermarket, a retail store, a shopping mall, or another public entity and suffered injuries, you can file a claim with the help of your personal injury lawyer in Boston. 

  • Product liability claims

If you are injured with a product that was manufactured and sold as it is now, you can file a product liability claim. Most people don’t realize that not all products are safe to use. There are many types of products that can cause severe injuries. If you use a product safely but it causes injury anyway, you can sue the manufacturer of the product or the party who sold the product to you detectmind.

  • Dog attacks

In case you are injured by a dog, you can file a personal injury lawsuit. Dog attacks can be very dangerous and if they are intentional, the owner of the dog could be criminally liable. Even otherwise, the owner is responsible for failing to police their pet to prevent incidents like this from occurring.

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