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The VentureBeat AI Research Award honors individuals who are making a difference in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Whether the work is academic or affecting technology, the results of the work can have a real impact. This year’s honoree is Dr. Nuria Oliver.

Business ethics groups  

In a large tech company, business ethics is a difficult and controversial subject. People who actually do the work in a company can fear losing their jobs by questioning their company’s behavior. Also, there are different power asymmetries within the organisation.

Managing bad data has become a major problem for big tech companies. IBM estimates that businesses lose $3 trillion a year because of poor data. According to Gartner, bad data costs an average of $12.9 million a year. This amount includes funds wasted in digitizing sources, organizing them, and hunting down information. This problem is growing with the shift to a digitized environment.

Technology is difficult

Facial recognition is an important tool in many industries, but its accuracy in law enforcement applications is still a controversial topic. According to the CEO of Axon, one of the leading suppliers of body cameras, the technology is still not accurate enough for these applications. While the past decade has shown that facial recognition technology can be a limiting factor in law enforcement applications, there have been some significant advances.

One company working to address this problem is IBM. The cloud-based company recently released a software system called AI Fairness 360. This system provides insights into the accuracy of facial recognition technology and recommends changes to reduce bias. The software also allows companies to train their systems to be more sensitive to discrimination and bias.

A big tech story today is the rise of AI. While the concept of “ethical AI” was a nebulous one a few years ago, it’s clear we’re nearing the onset of a new era in technology. We will be surrounded by CTOs, CIOs, and senior execs tackling a new generation of problems. In fact, by 2024, 80 percent of the tech industry’s products will be built by non-technical personnel.

Boost productivity

Some companies are embracing AI to solve societal problems. For instance, Pizza Hut has updated its technology with artificial intelligence to better understand customer needs. The use of AI will not only help Pizza Hut improve its customer experience, but will also boost productivity and revenue. But what can AI do for your business?

First, it’s important to consider the ethical issues of AI. There are a number of risks associated with AI, and the technology industry needs to address these issues if it wants to avoid future problems. For example, AI algorithms can discriminate against some populations based on poor data and lack of training. Consequently, these programs could cause disproportionate harm, especially for historically discriminated groups.

Moreover, the company should have senior execs who are focused on data privacy and ML/AI strategies. In 2006, the company was voted the toughest data engineering company in the world. It’s headquartered in San Francisco, California and has a strong presence in the AI field. In addition, the company also offers advanced messaging products and advanced ML/AI technologies.

The Audit Process

Government audit departments are faced with massive data sets. The use of artificial intelligence can assist them in processing the data and identify any financial anomalies. It can help them meet their fiduciary responsibilities and restore public trust. There are many benefits of using AI in the government audit process.

For example, AI can run a continuous audit on each department, directing resources to high-risk areas. It can also generate risk reports and notify financial managers to take corrective action. It can also help drive cost efficiencies during mandatory audits, by automating standard procedures to free up auditors’ time for more detailed analysis of the data.

While third-party oversight of AI products has been difficult, there are now accreditation schemes for auditee-selected third-party auditors. These schemes typically include rotation requirements that force auditors to rotate across audit targets to maintain independence. There are also often post-audit measures in place.

Demographic groups

While AI systems can be used to identify risks, they can also cause serious problems. These issues are exacerbated by the fact that algorithmic results are often used to mask deeper failures. One recent case involves facial recognition, which claims to be 100 percent accurate across demographic groups, but which failed to address the ethical and legal issues surrounding the collection of facial data. The company has since faced a number of legal actions.

Third party oversight has also played an important role in exposing weaknesses in AI systems. The Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) audited Facebook’s entry into Myanmar, and the United States Food and Drug Administration audited a medical AI tool prior to its entry onto the market. While these actions do not fall under the purview of conventional auditing, they have been crucial in uncovering AI system weaknes

 Round of Funding

Using data mining techniques to identify trends and patterns, Aquant helps businesses improve the service they provide customers. The technology mines data from various sources, including data silos, customer relationship management platforms, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The company claims that it takes days to learn each company’s service language, and its insights are informed by millions of customer tickets, parts catalogs, supply chains, and internet of things alerts.

Aquant recently closed a $70 million series C round, bringing its total funding to $110 million. With the money, the company plans to expand its engineering, go-to-market, and client services teams. In addition, it will add more staff in Europe and Israel.


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