How to Use Ascension Shards in Shop FapTitans

You might be wondering, what should I do with Ascension shards in shop FapTitans? Here are a few ways to get them:

Using ascension shards

Ascension shards are a common way to purchase items in the game, and they’re also useful in many other ways. These gems can be obtained from chests and other places, such as the Fortune Zone. They can also be earned through rewards, such as Hubpost gifts and piggy banks. You can spend them to increase the quality of your items and decrease the time it takes to craft them. You can use them to upgrade items three times, which means you’ll need more of them to get each tier.

To learn how to use ascension shards on Shop Titans, you should first understand how these items are created. Using shards in this way will save you time, as you won’t need to craft the items again, which means you’ll be able to focus on other things that are more important. By doing this, you’ll also reduce the amount of crafting resources you use for crafting new items and increase your chances of crafting new, superior items.


Fans from all over the world love Fap Titans due to the friendly approach and outstanding service it offers. The game’s graphics and interface are excellent, and the game is easy to navigate. The game is also NSFW (no offence intended) and has plenty of rewards for completing levels. To get the most out of your Fap Titans experience, you should download the free trial version and read the guide before you begin playing.

In order to begin playing the game, you need to click on an enemy. Once you’ve killed an enemy, you’ll automatically get gold. You can hire Heroes to help you in the game, too. You can hire Akira Hitsujikai for 10 coins. Alternatively, you can hire a normal news for web tentacle beast for 116 hit points. However, the game does have a pay function, though it is optional.

a rewards-based gameplay challenge

Fap Titans is a rewards-based game designed to keep the horniest gamers coming back for more. The game is easy to navigate, but requires patience and practice to master the reward system. A newbie-friendly guide character makes the game easier to learn. He explains the game’s goals and functions. By following his advice, players can win rewards.

Fap Titans is a free browser game for adults. Its gameplay is reminiscent of a hentai-style RPG, but it also has the feel of an idle clicker. Players manage resources and recruit attractive babes while progressing the storyline. The game was developed by HooligApps, a Dublin-based studio that also develops mainstream games.

Using them to upgrade

Using Ascension Shards is a great way to upgrade your inventory and save time in crafting. The more of these shards you have, the higher your item’s tier, which means you will tango have to spend less time crafting it. Ascension Shards are obtainable from quests, chests, the Piggy Bank, and grab bags.


Using ascension shard on shop faptitans to upgrade your equipment is a simple method to make higher-tiered items. You only need a limited amount of materials to upgrade your items to T7. However, you need to be careful because the materials used in crafting will decrease if you are using too many ascension shards.

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