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Founded in 2004, Crackle was formerly known as Grouper and Sony Crackle. In 2006, Sony Pictures purchased the company. It changed its name to Crackle in 2018. In 2008, Eric Berger was hired as its general manager. Since then, Crackle has grown rapidly and has over 1 billion subscribers. As of February 2019, Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures.

The Crackle website offers a variety of movies and TV shows to choose from. You can search through the content based on genre, or browse by category. Crackle also has a list of recent watched content you’ve marked to watch later. This allows you to find a show to watch at a later time.

Crackle’s website and mobile app both allow you to customize closed captions. Closed captions are provided in a variety of font styles and colors. You can even customize the transparency of the captions. The majority of Crackle content is compatible with closed captions. However, some content is only available in specific regions.

Crackle also offers a library of over 700 movies and TV series. The selection includes original programs and many movies that are available for free elsewhere. Its content includes classic movies, popular TV shows and series from Sony’s subsidiaries such as Paramount, Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, and Miramax. It also has a growing library of original content.

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