FIFA: A Deep Dive into EA Sports FC 24 Tactics

In the ever-evolving world of FIFA gaming, mastering tactics is a crucial aspect that separates the casual player from the elite. One player who has left an indelible mark on the FIFA community is the tactician behind EA Sports FC 24. With an astonishing record of 100 wins and 0 losses, this FIFA maestro has graciously shared the secrets behind the success of his team. In this article, MMOexp dissect the tactics that have propelled him to greatness, exploring the nuances of each formation and playstyle.

The 4-3-2-1 Formation:

At the heart of EA Sports FC 24’s success lies the 4-3-2-1 formation, a tactical masterpiece that has led to an unbeaten streak. The key components of this formation include a pressure-on-heavy-touch approach coupled with a bit of pressing after a possession loss. The delicate balance between defensive solidity and offensive prowess is achieved through a careful selection of custom tactics.

Custom Tactics Breakdown:

1. Defensive Setup:

  • Pressure on Heavy Touch: EA Sports FC 24 prefers to press the opponent when they make a heavy touch, aiming to regain possession quickly.
  • Width and Depth: Striking the right balance, the width is set at 45, ensuring the team remains compact without compromising offensive capabilities.
  • Defensive Depth: The depth is set at a level where the team doesn’t defend automatically, allowing manual control to handle offside traps effectively.
  1. Midfield and Passing:

  • Balanced: The player advocates for a balanced approach, avoiding extremes in width and depth to maintain both defensive stability and offensive fluidity.
  • Forward Runs: Allowing for dynamic movement, forward runs are encouraged, enhancing attacking options.

3. Attacking Strategy:

  • Width: With a preference for close-knit player positioning, a width of 40 ensures efficient ball circulation among players.
  • Possession and Direct Passing: Employing a balanced possession-based strategy with direct passing, the team can seamlessly transition from defense to offense.

4. Set-Piece Strategies:

  • Corners: A choice between three and two players in the box is presented, with the decision hinging on personal preference.
  • Free Kicks: To minimize the risk of counterattacks, two players are assigned to defend free kicks.

5. Player Instructions:

  • Goalkeeper: Commands the goalkeeper to come for crosses and play the role of a sweeper-keeper.
  • Fullbacks: The left-back and right-back are instructed to stay back while attacking, ensuring defensive solidity.

6. Midfield and Attack:

  • Center Mids: Depending on the fullback’s instructions, the center mids adapt their roles. If one fullback is on balance, the corresponding center mid stays back.
  • Forwards: The left and right forwards have distinct defensive roles. The right forward is instructed to come back on defense, while the left forward stays central.

The 4-3-2-1 Formation in Action:

EA Sports FC 24 attributes much of the success to this tactical setup, emphasizing its effectiveness in both offensive and defensive scenarios. The compact midfield and dynamic attacking options make it a formidable formation for any FIFA player looking to dominate the virtual pitch.

Adaptations: 4-1-4-1 and Defensive Strategies

Acknowledging the need to adapt to different situations, EA Sports FC 24 introduces a 4-1-4-1 formation for specific scenarios, such as closing out a game. With a bit more width and a cautious defensive approach, this tactic ensures a secure play-out-the-press strategy without resorting to a traditional five-back formation, which is no longer allowed in professional play.


EA Sports FC 24’s tactical mastery goes beyond team selection. It involves a deep understanding of each player’s role, effective custom tactics, and strategic adaptability. Aspiring FIFA players can draw inspiration from this unbeaten maestro, refining their own tactics and playstyles to climb the ranks of virtual football greatness. The journey to mastering FIFA is not just about the players on the screen; it’s about the meticulous orchestration of a virtual team, and EA Sports FC 24 has certainly set a high standard for others to follow.

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