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Does Alexa Use WiFi When Not in Use?

If you are wondering does Alexa use WiFi when not in the house, don’t worry. It’s not a big deal. Your smart home assistant relays its alarm configuration to an Amazon server, so your existing alarms will continue to work as usual. However, if you want to set a new alarm, just ask Alexa by whispering or voice command. If your WiFi is not working, you can reconnect your device to a hotspot to continue using the Alexa service.

Typically, Alexa uses 30-40 MB of data each day, which amounts to approximately one gigabyte per month. If you stream music, the use of your data is slightly more. HD music consumes up to 850 kbps, so an hour of streaming music can consume 100 MB. To prevent this problem, you should have a good internet speed of at least 512 kbps.

While Alexa uses some of your home’s bandwidth even when not in use, it isn’t enough to affect your monthly data limit. For most households, it should not have a big impact. However, if you have a limited data plan, you might want to consider using a mobile hotspot or purchasing a data cap-free plan. This way, you can keep your Alexa running at optimal performance.

After you’ve setup your new device, the next step is to connect your Alexa speaker to the new WiFi network. You can do this by going to the Alexa app on your phone. The app will ask you for a WiFi network, so enter it in the app and click Connect. Once you’re connected, you’ll hear the words “Playing from phone name.”

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